Wednesday, June 10, 2015


All this time ... I have been promising ... and promising ... and promising one thing ... Art work! I have even teased with the old bait and switch ... posting about my friend, Walt's paintings. But today at last I am posting artwork that is my own. A landslide ... a plethora of pictures ... a major overload.

Some where about 10 years ago, I was invited by my friend Frank Tona, to join fellow friends, Troy Carter, and Mike Jones in a superhero styled role playing game. We would meet weekly at Troy's house (Thank you, Denise, for putting up with the lot of us!) and have adventures with perhaps some ... less than inspired ... characters ... that might bear some resemblance to a few copyrighted intellectual properties. Frank use to jokingly complain that I was infecting his Marvel Universe with my D.C. characters. It was a lot of fun. And some of the scenarios actually foretold  some trends that later took place in the media. The one that comes to mind, is the TV show that was named, "Who Wants To Be A Meta?" (our name for super powered individual.)

We even had fun writing stories in which our characters were blogging their adventures. I even drew a few supers in a drawing journal I was keeping at the time.

Occasionally, Vince Skinner and James Wolaver would visit from afar, and join in the fun. Jim enjoyed himself so much that he started writing what could at best be called fan fiction of this plagiarized world we had created. He has recently come back to this project, picking up where we stopped playing. I am pleased to see his creative efforts and enjoy the addition of 3d modeled pictures to his stories.  If you want to see what Jim is up to ... check it out:

So the reason for this post is so Jim can see the a fore mentioned journal pictures. While I was at it, I thought I would share them with you. 

Call it ... collateral damage.

Hope this helps, Jim.

Please remember they are only sketches ... done 10 years ago ...




Queen Bee


 Widow Maker

One of New York's Finest

Photo Bomb



American Liberty

The Bat

Le Sol 
a solar powered Iron Man


The Shoveler

The mask of the Blue Banshee

The American Gladiator

And as an added bonus Terri Castle  ... 
My spin on a special character that Frank created 
for his brother, Matthew. 

 These drawings, to me, represent pleasant memories, and past good times. I miss our games and the gathering of fine friends. It was something I shared with this group and with it's other friends in other campaigns, for almost 30 years. Sadly Frank passed. An empty chair at the gaming table. It is still hard for me to imagine that he isn't out there somewhere, scheming some dastardly plot for us to solve. 

I miss him.


  1. Funny you should mention the empty chair. Last night I came up with a wonderful story line and plot and my first thought was to run it past Rusty. That was at 3:30 this morning just waking from a dream.

  2. May I personally make a request? I've got Two Ideas that I want to come true, especially with the way the World is going right now.

    1. I'm Jim, the author of AsylumReRaiders, the tribute site referred to here. Please, make your requests, and if I can do anything to help you, you'll find the evidence at

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