Thursday, June 4, 2015



It's true .. 

It's not just mine.

Isn't this great? It's done by Walter Deanovich, a very talented artist and my best friends from college. We both attended St. Petersburg Jr. College  ... affectionately referred to as "5th Ave U." due to the southern border being 5th Ave. 

I met Walt in art classes and we hit it off famously. He introduced me to a circle of friends, that would gather weekly and watch silent movies. I can say I learned more from these gatherings about film and animation than from my actual college classes. Not only was this because of the well read individuals ... but because we actually saw the films we were reading about, and could draw our own conclusions. After I transferred to USF, in my art history class, I was required to do a term paper that would be the equivalent of a third of my grade. Walt loaned me his print of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and with a special camera, I augmented my report with frame blow-ups. Today, with a computer and a movie making program, one can do this with a push of a button. Back then, it was impressive enough to have Dr. Nichols say that what I had turned in was on the level of a doctoral thesis. Also, when I did 2d animated cartoon for my film class, I got Walt's permission to use his character.

Sadly, when I left for Disney, we drifted apart. But about 4 years ago, I got a message through Facebook from Walt. You might say we are making up for lost time. Every week we religiously phone each other. And boy can we talk! 

Walter works in acrylic, watercolor, colored pencils and charcoal. His work can be described as whimsical or fantastical, as he paints anthropomorphic animals, drawing from child hood memories. His influences are Maurice Sendak, Mary Blair, Denslow and J.R. Neill as well of the cartoons of Disney, Fleischer, Columbia and Terrytoons. Walt has had success at art festivals and has his work on display at Articles Art Gallery in St.Petersburg, FL. 

In Walters honor ... his favorite cartoon!

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