Friday, June 12, 2015

Superboy's Birthday

52 years ago, I was loaded in the back seat of the Rambler with a stack of comic books. We, Dad, Mom, myself and my turtle Yertle were whizzing down the road to Atlanta to see their Civil War cyclorama. I was well into a copy of my then favorite comic book, "Superboy." The story concerned Clark expressing his wish that he knew his birthday so he could celebrate like the other kids. Ma Kent looked up on the calendar and noted it was June 12 ... the anniversary of Clark arriving to earth from the planet Krypton in the rocketship. I looked up and realized that this was that very day ... June the 12th. I continued reading  and got as far as Ma Kent and Clark deciding that would be the date to celebrate his natal day.

At that very moment, my Mother turned around with a big grin on her face. She explained to me that today was a special day ... a very special day. This was the anniversary of the day my Mommy and Daddy got married. My face brightened and so did hers as I showed my excitement. That lasted until I blurted out like only a 7 year old can ... "Wow! How did you manage to get married on Superboy's birthday?" Her face fell, so thinking she didn't understand the gravity of the situation, I showed her the comic book and read her the pages.

It is a credit to Dad's driving ability that he did not drive off the road, he was laughing so hard. Thank goodness, Mom too was born with the gift of laughter, as she forever after that referred to their anniversary as "Superboy's birthday." 

As remembrance of that special day, I am sharing a clip of a show that is at least 30 years old and that I think was filmed in part in Orlando ...

The Adventures of Superboy

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